CODATU: Agir pour une mobilité soutenable dans les villes en développement
  WednesDAY 10th JUIN, 2015


[Focus] Urban transport policy in India: in the process of "Modi"fication ?

India has recently experienced a rapid population growth, leaving the cities dislocated with severe congestion problems. The interest for urban transport in India is recent, but has been particularly dynamic, with more and more cities investing in mass transit systems and setting up urban transport policies. This document gives an overview of the challenges regarding urban transport in India, and its upcoming trends. The research has been achieved by CODATU interns hosted by the Institute of Urban Transport of Delhi (India).

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[Event] Summit of African cities and regions for climate change

24th - 25th of June 2015, Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast)

The Association of Regions and Districts of Ivory Coast (ARDCI), the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) and the Global Fund for Cities Development (GFCD) are co-organising the Summit of African Cities and Regions for Climate. CODATU will contribute to the discussions on urban mobility.



[Event] World Summit "Climates and Territories": commitments from non-state actors

1st - 2nd of July 2015, Lyon (France)    

On 1st and 2nd of July 2015, Lyon welcomes the World Summit Climates and Territories. It aims at mobilizing local governments and non-state actors on the way to COP21, taking place in December 2015 in Paris. CODATU is leading discussions about mobility and transport issues.  

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[Event] BRT, BHLS, paratransit: What is the future of bus network in African cities ?

15th of September 2015, Lomé (Togo)

 As part of the launch of the Master Degree in "Transport and mobility in african citiesorganized by the Senghor University of Alexandria, CNAM, African School of Professions of Architecture and Urbanism (EAMAU) and CODATU,a symposium is organized in September 15th in Lomé, on the future of bus networks in Africa.



[Event] International Scientific Conference - "Our Common Future under Climate Change"

7th-10th July 2015, Paris (France)

The International Scientific Conference “Our Common Future under Climate Change” will take place at UNESCO (Paris) in July 2015. CODATU is Lead Convener of a Session on "Urban policies for Accessibility, Mobility and Informal settlements in the Global South to cope with Climate Change: Emerging Issues, Innovations and Opportunities".



[Conference] - The 11th EASTS conference

11th-14th September 2015, Cebu (Philippines)

The EASTS holds international biennial conferences aiming at fostering excellent transportation research and practice. The next EASTS conference will focus on "Resilient and inclusive transportation systems through smarter mobility"



[Call for papers] - "Climate change, spatial planning and urban transition"

On 5th and 6th of October 2015, Brest University (France) organizes a conference on "Climate change, spatial planning and urban transition". Contributions can be sent till June 15th. 

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