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 Newsletter #31 TUESDAY 1st OF MARCH 2016

[Event] One-day seminar - Paratransit and urban mobilities: spaces and contemporary challenges

CODATU, in association with CESSMA and ESPACE, organizes a one-day seminar to bring together students as well as research scholars to analyze and discuss the evolution of para-transit in various contexts.



[Training] Register to LUTP Training - Francophone Session

 2nd to 7th May 2016, Dakar (Senegal)

The next LUTP training (Leaders in Urban Transport Planning), providing capacity building to the local Urban Transport decision makers, will be held for the first time in a Subsaharian Africa and is organized jointly by AFD, World Bank and CETUD (Dakar Urban Transport Council). Only two days left to register!

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[Call for Applications] Master in Transport and Mobility in African Cities in Lomé (Togo)

Deadline - 15th March, 2016

For the second year, CODATU, Senghor University and CNAM offer a one-year training (Master 2) for those who wish to specialize in Transport and mobility planning in African cities. 

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[Article] Taiwan, where a cycling culture is picking up!

As Velo-City 2016 International Conference takes place in Taipei, CODATU offers an article on the history of the developement of a cycling culture in Taiwan, and on the recent improvements in terms of cycling policy.

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[Minutes] Discussion session on the "Development of Mass Transit in Indian Cities"

Tuesday 19th January 2016, 5-7pm, Lyon (France)

CODATU took advantage of the visit of an indian delegation in Lyon to organize the 5th Discussion Session on the development of mass transit systems in India. CODATU, ALSTOM and KMRL (Kochi Metro) shared their views and experiences of the development of urban transport in India.



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