CODATU: Agir pour une mobilité soutenable dans les villes en développement
 Newsletter #36 Wednesday 7th September, 2016


[Master in Lomé] Graduation, Start of the new year and Seminar: "Planning Urban Mobility"

13 September, 2016, in Lomé (Togo)

For the graduation of the first batch of the Master Degree "Sustainable Transport and Mobility in african cities" and to welcome the second one, CODATU is organizing a seminar to discuss the transition from planning to implementation of infrastructure projects and the economic challenges of transport for cities.



[Partnership] CODATU joins the World Urban Campaign ! 

28 August, 2016

Thanks to this partnership, CODATU, World Urban Campaign and its partners will work in close collaboration and will share their expertise, their best pratices, their tools and methods to reach their common objective of making cities more sustainable. 




[India] A metro under construction, multimodality as a central area of the cooperation

Kochi (India)

Since February 2015, several workshops have been organized by CODATU in Kochi, with great outcomes! KMRL is now in the verge of rationalizing the entire bus network, creating a Public Transport Authority and taking up major urban projects to improve walkability and multimodal integration in the city.



[Peru] CODATU works closely with Arequipa in the identification of a suitable Mass Transit System

19/20 July, 2016, Arequipa (Peru)

Within the framework of the Technical Cooperation between AFD, MTC, CODATU and CEREMA, CODATU organized a workshop to compare the various possible mass transit system options for the city of Arequipa, which is currently facing huge problems of congestion due to a lack of Public Transport.

Read more... (in French and Spanish)


[Tunisia] A workshop on the creation of a Public Transport Authority

18/19/20 July, 2016, in Tunis (Tunisia)

This second workshop of the Technical cooperation between AFD, CODATU and the Transport Ministry of Tunisia focused on the challenges in setting-up a Public Transport Authority for the Greater Tunis area, through case studies of Toulouse, Grenoble, Rabat-Salé and Sfax. 

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[Career] CODATU recruits an Event and Communication Manager

In Lyon (France), Deadline: 15th October 2016

CODATU is currently developing its activities of city-to-city cooperation in Asia, South-America and Africa and is organizing more and more events linked with sustainable mobility in developing countires, including its next international conference in India in 2017. For that purpose, CODATU needs to improve its communication tools and strategies and is looking for a full-time event and communication manager.

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[Career] CODATU recruits a Program Manager for the MYC initiative

In Brussels (Belgium), Deadline: 7th October 2016

CODATU is looking for an experienced project manager for the Launch of the MobiliseYourCity initiative, which aims at providing support to local governments in their urban mobility planning, and to national governments in the implementation of national policies to make cities more inclusive, livable and attractive. 

Read the job description...(In French)


[Career] CODATU recruits a Volunteer of International Solidarity (VSI) in Brazil

In Sao Paulo/Rio (Brazil), Deadline: 1st October 2016

CODATU is starting a new program of city-to-city cooperation in Brazil and is looking for a young Urban Transport expert who would be in charge of the Technical Cooperation from Rio or Sao Paulo.

Read the job description...



[News] The deadline of CODATU Photo Competition 2016 "Moving Generations" is just 3 weeks away !

Deadline: 28 September 2016, midnight (CET)

CODATU Photo Competition " Moving generations", launched on May 25th, is coming to an end. Hurry up, and win the first prize !!



[Forum] SNCF organizes the Second International Forum on Sustainable Mobilities

18 October, 2016, in Paris (France)

For the second consecutive year, the French railways (SNCF), in partnership with CODATU, are organizing a forum on "Sustainable mobilities" in order to discuss the major challenges of Urban Transport in making cities more sustainable.

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